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Issues 1–28 were published under the original title Everyday Art Quarterly between 1946 and 1953. The Walker Art Center ceased its affiliation with Design Quarterly in 1993, with issue 159. Read and download key issues of Design Quarterly.


No. 29: American Design
No. 30: Individuality and Modern Style
No. 31: Book Design


No. 32: 1955 Triennale Review
No. 33: Jewelry and Silver
No. 34: Swedish Glass


No. 35: Product Review
No. 36: Industrial Design: Prosperity vs. Posterity


No. 37: Contemporary Finnish Design
No. 38: Useful Gifts
No. 39: Designer Craftsmen
No. 40: Industrial Design in Postwar Germany


No. 41: Product Review
Nos. 42/43: Ceramics


No. 44: Interior Design
Nos. 45/46: American Jewelry


No. 47: Product Review
No. 48: American Weaving
No. 50: Hawaiian Art
Nos. 51/52: Japan: Design Today


No. 53: Marcel Breuer’s St. John’s Abbey


No. 54: Pottery and Ceramics
Nos. 55/56: Japanese Book Design


No. 57: Children’s Furniture
No. 58: Ralph Rapson’s Guthrie Theater


No. 59: Industrial Design in the Netherlands (Guest editor: Pieter Brattinga)
No. 60: Swiss Design
No. 61: 13th Triennale


No. 62: Signs and Symbols
No. 63: Clip-on & Plug-In Architecture (Guest editor: Peter Reyner Banham)


No. 64: Shape & Architecture (Guest editor: Rudolf Arnheim)
No. 65: Bruno Mathsson
Nos. 66/67: Design and the Computer


No. 68: Light and Design; Light and Color (Guest editor: Gyorgy Kepes)
Nos. 69/70: The Expression of Gio Ponti


No. 71: Mass Transit: Problem and Promise
No. 72: The Future: Space & Technology


No. 73: Form in: Architecture, Design, Art
Nos. 74/75: Process and Imagination


No. 76: Ephemera: Disposable Goods (Guest editor: Daniel Solomon; Guest designer: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon)
No. 77: Public Spaces, Public Art
No. 78/79: Conceptual Architecture (Guest editor: John Margolies)
Ant Farm, Archigram, Archizoom, François Dallegret, Haus-Rucker-Company, Craig Hodgetts, Les Levine, Onyx, Ed Ruscha, Tony Smith, Superstudio


No. 80: Making the City Observable (Guest editor and designer: Richard Saul Wurman)
No. 81: Edward Larrabee Barnes Walker Art Center
Nos. 82/83: Urban Renewal


No. 84: Finnish Architecture
No. 85: Urban Renewal in America, 1950–1970 (Guest editors: Peter Wolf, Denise Scott Brown, Richard Saul Wurman)
Nos. 86/87: International Design Conference in Aspen


No. 88: Human Systems in Industrial Design (Guest editors: Niels Diffrient, Jay Doblin, Charles Owen, Robert Propst)
No. 89: Sottsass Superstudio: Mindscapes


Nos. 90/91: New Learning Spaces and Places (Guest editors: Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates)
No. 92: Signs (Guest editors: Alvin Eisenman, Inge Druckery, and Ken Carbone)
No. 93: Film Spaces


Nos. 94/95: Design and Architecture for the Federal Government (Guest editors: Lois Craig, John Massey, Harry Weese, Lawrence Halprin, Dietmar Winkler, Arthur Polos, Edward D. Stone)
No. 96: Human Experience in Designed Environment (Guest editors: Niels Diffrient and Nicholas Polites)
No. 97: Ornament in Architecture; Five and Dime Architects (Guest editor: Daniel Solomon)
Nos. 98/99: Nelson/Eames/Girard/Propst: The Design Process at Herman Miller


No. 100: The Architecture of James Stirling: Four Works
Nos. 101/102: The River: Images of the Mississippi River


No. 103: Architecture as Energy (Guest editor: Marguerite Villecco)
No. 104: Julia Child’s Kitchen (Guest editors: Bill Stumpf and Nicholas Polites)


No. 105: Projects for Handicapped Accessibility (Guest editors: David Niland and Stanley Tigerman)
Nos. 106/107: Noguchi’s Imaginary Landscapes
No. 108: Vacant Lots


No. 109: Rooms (Guest editors: Susana Torre and Stanley Tigerman)
No. 110: Ivan Chermayeff
Nos. 111/112: Eight Artists: The Elusive Image


Nos. 113/114: City Segments
No. 115: Maps (Guest editor: Marc Treib)
No. 116: WGBH, Boston: A Design Anatomy (Guest editors: Rosemarie Bletter and Christopher Pullman)


No. 117: Hennepin Avenue (Guest editor: Denise Scott Brown)
Nos. 118/119: Meanings of Modernism: Form, Function and Metaphor
No. 120: Green Architecture: Notes on the Common Ground (Guest editor: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon)


No. 121: Robots and Robotics
No. 122: The Meaning of Place in Art and Architecture


No. 123: A Paul Rand Miscellany
No. 124: Joe D’Urso
No. 125: Center City Profile (Minneapolis, Minnesota) (Guest editors: Rem Koolhaas,
and Joseph Giovannini)
No. 126: A Serious Chair (Guest editors: William Houseman and Bill Stumpf)


No. 127: LA 84: Games of the XXIII Olympiad (Guest editor: Joseph Giovannini)
No. 128: Urban Circumstances (Guest editor: J. B. Jackson)
No. 129: Skyways
No. 130: Formal Principles of Graphic Design (Guest editors: Armin Hofmann and Wolfgang Weingart)


No. 131: Unvernacular Vernacular: Contemporary American Consumerist Architecture
No. 132: Suburbs (Guest editor: Lois Craig)
No. 133: Does It Make Sense? (Guest editor and designer: April Greiman)
No. 134: Japan From the Inside
No. 135: The Corporate Villa (Guest editor: Fred Koetter)
No. 136: The City in Film (Guest editor: Michael Webb)


No. 137: The Flower Gardens of Gertrude Jekyll (Guest editor: Michael R. Van Valkenburgh)
No. 138: House and Home


No. 139: Within the City: Phenomena of Relations (Guest editor: Steven Holl)
No. 140: Skyscraper View
No. 141: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (Guest designer: Nancy Skolos)


No. 142: Computers and Design: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Guest editor: Muriel Cooper)
No. 143: Ephemeral Places: Here Today—Gone Tomorrow (Guest editor: Grady Clay)
No. 144: Images in Motion: R/Greenberg Associates
No. 145: Hats (Guest editor: Richard Saul Wurman)
No. 146: Autoeroticism (Guest editors: Karal Ann Marling, Donald J. Bush)


No. 147: Celebrations: Urban Spaces Transformed (Guest editors: Christine Macy and Sarah Bonnemaison)
No. 148: The Evolution of American Typography.
No. 149: Design to Grow With


No. 150: The Fourth Coast: An Expedition on the Mississippi River (Guest editor: Design Center for American Urban Landscape, University of Minnesota)
No. 151: Framing American Cities (Guest editor: Mark Robbins)
No. 152: Architecture Tomorrow: Elizabeth Diller and Richard Scofidio, Steven Holl, Frank Israel, Thom Mayne and Michael Rotondi, Stanley Saitowitz, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien)
No. 153: Beyond Style: The Designer and Society


No. 154: Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Disneyland, Shaker design
No. 155: Frank Lloyd Wright, the Tuileries, Frank Gehry furniture
No. 156: Alvaro Siza, Guggenheim Museum, U.S. currency design, suburbs, David Hockney Turnadot
No. 157: Lauretta Vinciarelli, Museum of 1980s Design, public housing, Calvin Klein advertising, South Central Los Angeles


No. 158: infrastructure design, digital displays, new typefaces, Levittown
No. 159: film technology, Louis I. Kahn, Mall of America, street fashion, virtual reality

Design Quarterly No. 104, 1977

Julia Child’s Kitchen
Guest editors: Bill Stumpf, Nicholas Polites
Photo: Dick Swift

Design Quarterly No. 76, 1970

Ephemera: Disposable Goods
Guest editor: Daniel Solomon; Guest designer: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon

Design Quarterly No. 158, 1993

infrastructure design, digital displays, new typefaces, Levittown

Design Quarterly No. 89, 1973

Sottsass Superstudio: Mindscapes

Design Quarterly No. 126, 1984

A Serious Chair
Guest editors: William Houseman, Bill Stumpf

Design Quarterly No. 63, 1965

Clip-on & Plug-In Architecture
Guest editor: Peter Reyner Banham