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Publications The Last Picture Show: Artists Using Photography 1960-1982

This catalogue documents the Walker Art Center’s exhibition The Last Picture Show, which surveys artists’ alternative uses of photography from the 1960s to the early 1980s. During this time artists were redefining their relationship to the camera and to the media through explorations that were often published in art magazines and self-published journals of the time. Taking its cue from these types of publications, the book’s extensive essays are reproduced with alternating sections of artists’ work. The book is a compendium of essays, artists’ writings from the period, and images bound together as to resemble a bound library periodical. Signaling the proliferation of images many of the artists reference in their works, the edition has six different covers. Each image is simply a page taken from the artists section and tipped-on to the cover. Each represents a different range of the work in the exhibition.

The Last Picture Show: Artists Using Photography 1960-1982, 2003