"Much of my work focuses on the complexity of looking and seeing. Central to my work is the projected image, explored as cinema-sized, multiple superimposed layers to be interrupted by the viewer's body and as programmed multi-image dissolve sequences, where the dissolve between images is as important as the image. I want to create a place to contain what cannot be contained, a physicality that evokes its own absence, a place that is not there and yet is as richly provocative as what we can name as present. I want to tell a story that cannot be told and yet needs to be heard. I want to attempt, yet again, to enter into memory, an attempt doomed to failure even before it is begun."

Dorit Cypis (born 1951, Tel Aviv, Israel) explores questions of identity and representation through performance, multimedia installation, and photography. She often focuses on issues of authorship, the threshold between subject and object, and modes of seeing. Much of her work is performative, involving strategies to literally penetrate the image in order to uncover layers of meaning - this performance exists as residue in the form of photographs. Cypis is concerned with the body as the medium through which knowledge is gained. Using an installational, experiential approach for this exhibition, Cypis intends to explore notions of a collective memory as well as personal memories, heritage, and history.

Cypis received an M.F.A. in 1977 from the California Institute of the Arts. Her work has been shown in numerous international and national exhibitions that include such venues as the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; and the New Museum, New York; among others. Her work is part of the Walker's permanent collection.


Chris Larson Robert Fischer