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Kcho (Alexis Leyva Machado) Cuban, b. 1970
Obras Escogidas (Selected Works), 1994
books, metal frame, wood table, newspaper, twine
Collection Walker Art Center
Clinton and Della Walker Acquisition Fund, 1996

Kcho - Obras Escogidas (Selected Works)  1994

"Floating is everything: ideas float, desire floats, the earth floats, life floats. . . "
   --Kcho, 1996

In his work, Kcho often refers to the contour of the boat as metaphor for the physical and diplomatic isolation of his native Cuba. Constructed from textbooks the artist used as a student, Obras Escogidas tries to make visible Cuba's hidden social structure, suggesting the complexity of the nation's ideas in formation.

Kcho's boats often give the illusion of floating, but they cannot function as physical transportation. This underscores the aspect of art most important to the artist: its ability to communicate complex ideas through universal symbols. Though the boat has multiple possibilities of direction, destination, and time, the materials that make up this "floating object" speak equally to its many impossibilities.