by Patrick Lichty

The GRID installations are a series of tactile generative sound spaces that create a collaborative sonic environment between the audience and composer/artist. In this way the audience uses the tactile sensors to shape their environment through movement. The GRID typically consists of a series of tactile or infrared sensing devices that create seed event data which is sent to an algorithmically-based music program. However, in many cases, the sonic palette is not only tonal, but often atonal or environmental in nature, creating unique opportunities for gallery visitors to 'explore' the sonic terrain of the generative environment. Such an installation has transformative qualities, and frequently presents the possibility of creating an engaging sonic atmosphere to a gallery space.


Patrick Lichty is an electronic artist and writer on electronic culture. His media include online installations, generative music, ubiquitous computing, and video. Lichty also collaborates with numerous groups, including Haymarket Riot, Sseyo, The Recombinant History Apparatus, and RTMark. Presentations and exhibitions include the New York Digital Salon, TheSync Film Festival, and ISEA. He is a director on the board of Promote Awareness, a Minneaplos-based disability advocacy foundation, and is an advisor to Bowling Green University's Culture and Technology program.