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curtis wong image Tuesday, April 27   7pm

curtis wong
Next Media


Manager, Next Media Research
Microsoft research group

Details from Wong's online art museum. ( )

Curtis Wong has dedicated his career to pioneering and exploring new forms of media that merge computing and communications in business, entertainment, and education. He was formerly Director of Intel Productions, where he managed the Intel/PBS collaboration that produced enhanced interactive programming for digital television, such as the recent broadcast of Ken Burns' film Frank Lloyd Wright, the children's program Zoboomafoo and, an Internet-based museum that currently features a high resolution, 3-D re-creation of the Van Gogh exhibition at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

As the founding director of Corbis Productions, Bill Gates' image company, Wong created a CD-ROM series on the history of art that garnered numerous awards from both the software and entertainment industries, including accolades by The Wall Street Journal for A Passion for Art, "the greatest CD-ROM since the multimedia revolution began." He was also an interactive-documentary producer of major feature films for Voyager Company, producing some of the premier multimedia CD-ROMs for the PC, such as Pedro Meyer's I Photograph to Remember, the first interactive CD-ROM documentary broadcast on PBS in its entirety.


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