Anthony Caro, Straight Flush, 1972, steel, paint
Collection Walker Art Center, Gift of Judy and Kenneth Dayton, 1973

Anthony Caro with Lisa Lyons: Interview, 4/4/75
Location: Museum of Modern Art, New York

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Track 1, 8:21
Discussion of influences: Henry Moore, Picasso, Matthew Smith, Frances Bacon.
Track 2, 8:27
Discussion of non-figurative pieces; sense of mass; constructivist tradition.
Track 3, 6:04
Discussion of trends in work: crude/primitive and elegance; sculpture and music.
Track 4, 10:26
Question: How do the pieces stand up? How are they made?
Track 5, 7:21
Discussion of surfaces and use of color.
Track 6, 7:10
Discussion of color; Question: Is optimum setting for sculpture indoor or outdoor?
Track 7, 5:24
Discussion of titles.
Track 8, 7:50
Discussion of fabrication.
Track 9, 7:30
Discussion of "reading" sculpture.