December 1998
Gabriel Orozco, Piedra que cede (Yielding Stone)  1992

  Gabriel Orozco
Mexican, born 1962
Piedra que cede (Yielding Stone)  1992

plasticine, debris; edition 2 of 3
Collection Walker Art Center
T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 1996

Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco believes that very simple activities like rolling a ball can become works of art. He often makes sculptures using his surroundings -- the streets, markets, the beach -- adding elements from these places into his artworks. To make Piedra que cede he shaped nearly 150 pounds of nonhardening clay (matching his own body weight) into a ball, then rolled it through the streets of New York City, where he lives. The soft material collected bits of dirt and debris, recording the artist's activity and blending part of the place itself into the sculpture. The surface of the ball continues to change in the museum gallery as it picks up dust that settles on its surface.

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