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Catalogue Update  by Joseph Beuys

Beuys' "VEHICLE ART"; Beuys' The Art Pill; Aachen; Copenhagen Festival; Beuys' Felt Pictures and Corners of Fat. WHY?; Friendship with Bob Morris and Yvonne Rainer; Beuys' Mouse Tooth Happening Düsseldorf-New York; Beuys' Berlin "The Chief"; Beuys' The Silence of Marcel Duchamp is Overestimated. 1964, Beuys' Brownrooms; Beuys' Deer Hunt (behind); 1965 and in us . . . under us . . . land beneath. Parnass Gallery, Wuppertal; Western Man Project; Schmela Gallery. Düsseldorf: . . . any rope . . . ; Gallerie Schmela, Düsseldorf "How to explain paintings to a dead hare"; 1966 and here already is the end of Beuys: Per Kirkeby "2.15"; Beuys Eurasia 32nd Movement 1963-René Block, Berlin-"with brown cross"; Copenhagen; Traekvogn Eurasia: Affirmation: the greatest contemporary composer is the thalidomide child; Division of the Cross; Homogen for Grand Piano (felt); Homogen for Cello (felt); Manresa with Björn Nörgard, Schmela Gallery, Düsseldorf; Beuys The Moving Insulator; Beuys The Difference between Image Head and Mover Head; Drawings, St. Stephan Gallery, Vienna; 1967 Darmstadt Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen "Mainstream"; Darmstadt Fat Room, Franz Dahlem Gallery, Aha-Strasse; Vienna Beuys and Christiansen: Eurasianstaff 82 minute fluxorum organum; Düsseldorf June 21 Beuys founds the DSP German Student Party; 1967 Mönchengladbach (Johannes Cladders) Parallel Process 1; Karl Ströher; THE EARTH TELEPHONE; Antwerp Wide White Space Gallery; Image Head-Mover Head (Eurasianstaff); Parallel Process 2; THE GREAT GENERATOR 1968 Eindhoven Stedelijk van Abbe Museum Jean Leering. Parallel Process 3; Kassel Documenta IV Parallel Process 4; Munich Neue Pinakothek; Hamburg ALMENDE (Art Union); Nörnberg ROOM 563 X 491 X 563 (fat); Earjom Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Braunschweig, Wörm-Glacial (Parallel Process 5); Frankfurt/M.: Felt TV II The Leg of Rochus Kowallek is not carried out in fat (JOM)! Düsseldorf Felt TV III Parallel Process; Cologne Intermedia Gallery: VACUUM---MASS (fat) Parallel Process . . . Gulo borealis . . . for Bazon Brock; Johannes Stöttgen FLUXUS ZONE WEST Parallel Process-Düsseldorf Academy of Art, Eiskellerstrasse 1: LIVER FORBIDDEN, Cologne Intermedia Gallery: Drawings 1947-1956; Christmas 1968: Intersection of the track from IMAGE HEAD with the track from MOVER HEAD in ALL (Space) Parallel Process-1969 Düsseldorf, Schmela Gallery FOND III; 2/12/69 Appearance of Mover Head over the Düsseldorf Academy of Art. Beuys takes the blame for the snowfall from February 15-20; Berlin-René Block's Gallery: Joseph Beuys and Henning Christiansen Concert: I attempt to set (make) you free-grand pianojom (fieldjom). Berlin: Nationalgalerie; Berlin: Academy of the Arts: Sauerkraut Score-Eat the Score! Mönchengladbach: Transformation Concert with Henning Christiansen; Düsseldorf Kunsthalle exhibition (Karl Ströher); Lucerne Fat Room (clock); Basel Kunstmuseum Drawings; Düsseldorf PROSPECT: ELASTIC FOOT PLASTIC FOOT. Basel Kunstmuseum Works from the Karl Ströher Collection; 1970 Copenhagen Works from the Karl Ströher Collection; Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt Karl Ströher Collection.
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This version of the "Life Course Work Course" and "Catalogue Update" was published in Joseph Beuys: Life and Works by Götz Adriani, Winfried Konnertz, and Karin Thomas, translated into English by Patricia Lech (Woodbury, New York: Baron's Educational Series, Inc., 1979).