New Media

21, 2000,
7 PM


Free Ware is the Walker's free series of talks showcasing new media. It debuts this month with pioneering new-media artist Victoria Vesna, whose work Bodies© INCorporated was presented at the San Francisco Art Institute and the Art House, Dublin.

Computer technology promised to save us time and provide us with a renewed sense of community. Instead, we collectively suffer from information overload, while the lack of time is forcing us to reconsider established notions of "community." How do we approach social environments in which relationships are built on information exchange and where physical presence is not necessary? Vesna will talk about her Walker-commissioned project Building a Community of People with No Time, for which she is interviewing Walker staff members to create "online agents" that will build such a community. With this new work, the artist examines ways in which the visualization of social networks can be used to formulate new types of communication patterns. The goal is to create a space based on tracking time spent communicating with others, ultimately revealing the patterns formed by our fluctuating attention to various information sources and to each other. More information on Bodies© INCorporated. More information on other Free Thursday events.