The complete archives of the webcasts of Art Dirt, a weekly program hosted by G.H. Hovagimyan, with Robbin Murphy and Adrianne Wortzel, are now available online in the Digital Arts Study Collection of Gallery 9/Walker Art Center.

Broadcast live via the Internet from 1996-1998, this innovative program was hosted by pioneering Web artist gh, as he is known, who interviewed prominent and seminal artists, designers, and pundits of net culture, including Vivan Selbo, Christiane Paul, Alex Galloway, Yael Kanarek, Ricardo Dominguez, Marek Walczak, Cary Peppermint, Martha Wilson, Wolfgang Staehle, Helen Thorington, Mark Amerika, Jordan Crandall, and Simon Biggs.

Listen in, over the net . . . as it was being formulated.