Information Office:

The Information Office is an in-gallery space modeled after Beuys' practice of opening his office, studio, and exhibition galleries as forums for debate. It is the site for a series of discussions taking place throughout the run of the exhibition. Every Thursday at noon a 60-minute documentary on Beuys, produced by the BBC will be screened. Admission is free. The Information Office is also available for use by classes and community groups. For more information, call (612) 375-7680.

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Petra Richter: Beuys' Pedagogical Practices

Thursday, October 16, 6-8pm FREE

  During the last years of his life, Beuys devoted the majority of his time and energy to teaching. Today he is considered one of the most significant teachers of art as well as one of the most controversial for his unconventional approach. German scholar Petra Richter, whose doctoral thesis was entitled "The Students of Beuys," leads a discussion about the artist and his teaching methods.

Todd Bockley: Tree-Planting as Social Sculpture

Thursday, October 30, 6-8pm

  Guest curator Todd Bockley and participants in the Walker's tree-planting project from Cass Lake, St. Paul Central High School, and the Walker's Teen Arts Council discuss ways their experiences exemplify Beuys' notion of "social sculpture."

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Life Course Work Course
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