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Charles Long with Stereolab - 3 to 1 in Groovy Green  1995

Charles Long with Stereolab
3 to 1 in Groovy Green  1995
lacquer on plastic, CD, CD player, headphones, wood table, wood sofa with fabric cushions
Collection Walker Art Center
McKnight Acquisition Fund, 1995

Charles Long's whimsical sculptures transcend logic, resulting from the artist's intuition and his childlike sense of wonder of everyday objects. In his process-oriented work, he manipulates synthetic materials such as rubber and plastic into tactile, organic shapes. Fusing biomorphic forms with functional objects and furniture, Long's aesthetic is an amalgam of high and low cultures. His simple but eccentric forms stimulate the imagination and introduce what Long refers to as "bachelor-pad formalism."

3 to 1 in Groovy Green, part of a series of sculptural listening stations entitled The Amorphous Body Study Center, continues Long's investigation of "critical mass." In this environment, he combines utilitarian furniture, a plastic form, and the music of the British band Stereolab. Inviting the viewer to participate by sitting on the couch, listening to the music, and touching the smooth green object, Long provides an interactive atmosphere that encourages introspection and "promotes a better understanding between the body and the mind."

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