Joseph Beuys Bonn Kunstverein 8.11.77, 1977
black-and-white photograph
Alfred and Marie Greisinger Collection, Walker Art Center, T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 1992
(c)1997 Estate of Joseph Beuys/ARS, NY

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Opening-Day Dialogue:
Interpreting Beuys
Sunday, September 21
3 pm $8 ($4)

Two speakers with very different approaches present their interpretations of Beuys' work. With scholar Ann Temkin, artist-educator Johannes Matthiessen, and moderated by exhibition curator Joan Rothfuss.

Joseph Beuys The Silence, 1973
five reels of 35mm film, varnish, copper, zinc
Alfred and Marie Greisinger Collection, Walker Art Center, T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 1992
(c)1997 Estate of Joseph Beuys/ARS, NY

Film Series:
Rainer Werner Fassbinder Retrospective

One of the most prominent directors of postwar European cinema and the soul of New German Cinema, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's films are provocative and original. Like his peer Beuys, his approach was socially critical and profoundly humane.

Tuesday, September 23 $6 ($3)
The Niklashausen Journey, 7 pm
Recruits in Ingolstadt, 8:30 pm

Wednesday, September 24 $6 ($3)
The Merchant of Four Seasons, 7 pm
In a Year of 13 Moons, 8:45 pm

Thursday, September 25 $6 ($3)
The American Soldier, 7 pm
Fox and His Friends, 8:30 pm

Friday, September 26 $6 ($3)
Effi Briest, 7 pm

Beuys and Fassbinder
Thursday, September 25
6:30-8 pm, Free

Beuys and Fassbinder's mutual interest in creating "democratic" art, led by Dr. Michael Hofmann. Held in the Information Office located in the Beuys exhibition gallery.

Free First Saturday:
Planting Ideas
Saturday, October 4
11 am - 4 pm, Free

Learn about the art and ideas of Joseph Beuys in this fun-filled day that focuses on nature and community with art activities, films, performances, and tours.

Tree-Planting Ceremony
Saturday October 4
3 pm, Free

An oak tree will be planted in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden during a special ceremony that completes a larger tree-planting effort throughout the state. This project commemorates Beuys' own tree-planting project, 7000 Oaks (1982-1987).

The Art and Life of Joseph Beuys
Thursdays, October 9-30
6-8 pm $76 ($68.40)

An in-depth exploration, led by scholar Amy Levine.
Cosponsored by the University of Minnesota Compleat Scholar.

Second Sunday Tour:
Sunday, October 12, 2 pm

Free with gallery admission.

Sunday Fun:
Thinking Green
October 19
1-2:30 pm $4 ($2)

In the Art Lab, children ages 38 and adults explore the use of plants in Beuys' work with artist Therese Buchmiller and botanist Steven Moe.

Fall Salon:
Utopian Dreams
Thursday, October 23
6:30-8 pm $10 ($5)

Guest speakers, Walker curatorial staff, and the salon audience engage in an informal discussion about utopian visions and ideals in modern art, architecture, and popular culture.

Beuys in America
Sunday, December 7
2 pm $8 ($4)

Writer-critic David Levi Strauss discusses Beuys' contentious relationship with America, focusing on his appearances in the Twin Cities.

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