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Ranger Gone Bad II: Assault On Gloom Keep, 1996
United Ranger Films
chief contributors: Chris Birke, Steve Bond, Heath Brown, Eric Fowler, John Guthrie, Dave Kirsch
Quake I engine, 12 min, 8 sec

Chris Birke, aka Sphinx, writes about Ranger Gone Bad 2:

"I was about 15 years old when the idea came; playing through the game and imagining what it might be like if it actually had a plot. I told the others in the group I play with and quickly things were in motion. Filming originally took place in one painstaking take, with great emphasis on painstaking. Coordinating actors connected to your puppet set by dodgy analog modems, whims of the Internet, and teenage boredom can be challenging. As things progressed we learned how to splice different recordings together by hand (originally by hex editing, and later by de-compiling the .dem format, thanks to Uwe Girlich), add sounds and custom animations, as well as create our own environments to shoot in."

About United Ranger Films:

"Most people know these guys as the Rangers, and they were the very first movie clan. However, United Ranger Films have since broken off from The Rangers themselves as moviemakers. Nevertheless, they pioneered the QMovie genre, creating a new form of Quake addon when Diary of a Camper was released. Instead of just recording a deathmatch and showing everyone, they had the idea of putting a story behind the action. And so, the QMovie was born. After no news from URF since the announcement of the ill-fated Torn Apart 3, they suddenly sprang back onto the QMovie scene announcing that the most long-awaited, and notorious for it, QMovie in history, Ranger Gone Bad 3: The Fist Of Set, would be ready for release very soon, and released a promo of the first part of the movie. Since then, however, word has been little, but now the public is much more likely to ever see the elusive RGB3."

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