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Experiments: A Series of Short Films

Part of Women with Vision 2006

Waiting For Jenny

Directed by Emily Haddad
Introduced by the director

A policeman tries to help an old woman find her sister. 2005, U.S., color, video, 10 minutes.

Emily Haddad is a filmmaker from Stillwater, Minnesota. Her films include Be the Peace (2003), Traffic Jam-A Citizen’s Journey (2004), and Tara’s Party (2005).

Second Memory

Directed by Bea de Visser

In 1994, Bea de Visser exhibited paintings based on old photographs of an anonymous model whom she met years later. Second Memory uses artwork and footage from their visit to examine the relationship between past and present. 2004, Czechoslovakia/Germany, color, 35mm, in Czech and German with English subtitles, 12 minutes.

Bea de Visser is a performing artist, painter, and filmmaker from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Her films include A Breath Hush (1996), Another Another (1999), The Barren Land (2001), and Just a Minute Yoko (2004).

The Future is Behind You

Directed by Abigail Child
Introduced by the director

This fictional story is based on an anonymous family’s archive from 1930s Europe, reconstructed to emphasize gender acculturation in two sisters who grow up together under the shadow of oncoming history. 2004, U.S., BW, 16mm, 20 minutes.

New York-based filmmaker Abigail Child’s award-winning art has been included in many prestigious international film festivals. A recipient of fellowships from the Guggenheim, Fulbright, Jerome, and other foundations, Child is currently chair of the film area at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Her films include Mother Movie (1973), Mayhem (1987), B/Side (1996), and Surface Noise (2000). Her work is featured in the Walker’s Lecture Room throughout the month of March.


Directed by Cheryl Wilgren Clyne
Introduced by the director

An exploration into learning and repetition, this experimental film reflects on the importance of making mistakes. 2005, U.S., video, color, 3 minutes.

Three That Were You

Directed by Cheryl Wilgren Clyne

This animation ambiguously reflects the director’s past. 2005, U.S., color, video, 2 minutes.

Cheryl Wilgren Clyne is an artist and filmmaker from St. Paul. Her films also include factory (2005) and blixa and bargeld (2005).

City Paradise

Directed by Gaelle Denis

Arriving in London to learn English, Tomoko discovers a mysterious, secret underground world inhabited by friendly little aliens and beautiful blossoms. 2004, U.K., color, 35mm, 6 minutes.

French-born Gaelle Denis lives in London. City Paradise won many awards at international film festivals. Other films include Fish Never Sleep (2002).


Directed by Kimi Takesue

Structured in a series of vignettes, this visually driven piece features New Yorkers moving through self-contained yet interconnected worlds as they pursue their lives and dreams. U.S., 2005, color, video, 5 minutes.

New York-based Kimi Takesue has made several award-winning shorts and is now preparing her first feature-length production. Her films include Rosewater (2001), Heaven’s Crossroad (2002), and Summer of the Serpent (2003).


Directed by Miranda Pennell

The ritual of the Western bar brawl is relocated to a London workingman’s pub. The “staged” approach to choreography, editing, and framing disrupts the illusion of reality. 2004, U.K., color, video, 8 minutes.

London-based Miranda Pennell often makes work that explores the choreography found in everyday life. Her films include Tattoo (2001), Human Radio (2002), and Magnetic North (2004).


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