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Deborah Hay: As Holy Sites Go/duet

Part of Hay Days: A Deborah Hay Celebration

“To watch the two dancers of Deborah Hay’s As Holy Sites Go/duet … is like observing members of a new species, with plenty of animal characteristics. … They’re so motivated and strangely coherent that the realm they make onstage is large and satisfying. We watch like anthropologists, anxious not to disturb.” —New York Times

Meticulously reconstructed from Deborah Hay’s solo work No Time to Fly, this duet of uncanny beauty is directed by Hay and performed by New York–based Jeanine Durning and Australian dance star Ros Warby. The pair has been at work practicing the choreographic underpinnings of As Holy Sites Go/duet (2012) for almost two years, engaging the depth of their art form.

“Watching her dancers, we can analyze the choreography in terms of resemblances to Merce Cunningham (focus, rhythm, the sense of fauna); Yvonne Rainer (the vocabulary and dynamics of “Trio A”); and Trisha Brown (the tics and coordinations). … The choreography exemplifies the poetry that the Judson movement achieved” (New York Times).

In its original version as a trio, As Holy Sites Go was the first contribution to the Forsythe Company’s Motion Bank, the groundbreaking choreographic mapping initiative. This landmark presentation is the first time the material has come to fruition as a duet.


After the performance, head to the theater’s Balcony Bar to join a discussion or just listen in as others hash it out. Hosted by local choreographer Judith Brin Ingber and Walker tour guide Jessica Fiala.