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Foreign Flix

Free First Saturday

Come for a daylong mini-festival of short movies about people who feel different—and live happily ever after anyway, plus a Midwest exclusive screening of the feature-length Japanese animated film Oblivion Island, dubbed “Toy Story meets Alice in Wonderland.”

Gallery admission is free for everyone on the first Saturday of each month from 10 am to 5 pm.

Short Films

Walker Cinema, 11 am and 1 pm

  • Elephants
    To catch the grey elephants hiding in her grey house, a curious girl paints the walls and discovers a colorful new world of friends. Directed by Sally Pearce, UK, 2008.

  • Orange O Despair
    Tired of watching the pineapples have all the fun, a young orange escapes to the other side of the shop, where its clever disguise causes an unexpected adventure. Directed by John Banana, France, 2011.

  • Tah Dah
    The notes from Farmer Henry’s cello just plop to the floor until Bentley Bug alights on the strings and the duo discovers how to make the music soar. Directed by Stacey Chomiak, Canada, 2009.

  • Zero
    Haunted by his bad grades, an outcast boy discovers how to transform his desolate nightmares into fun-filled reality. Directed by Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi, Iran, 2011.

Featured Screening: Oblivion Island

Walker Cinema, 3 pm

Alice in Wonderland meets Toy Story in the regional premiere of this animated Japanese film. Haruka’s search for a lost hand mirror from her mother leads her into the magical world of forgotten possessions. Through a forbidden friendship with Teo, Haruka must enter a fortress of thieves, battle an evil Baron, and learn to face the past she has tried too hard to forget. This film is recommended for ages 8 and up. Directed by Shinsuke Sato, Japan, 2009.


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