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Night Moves with Spellbound

Part of Summer Music & Movies 2012

Music: Night Moves

“Night Moves make for a unique blend of psychedelia and twang, and they’ve climbed to the top of the Twin Cities mountain quickly…” —City Pages

Gram Parsons meets Todd Rundgren and remixes MGMT at 2 am? Yep, and extremely danceable to boot. Unclassifiable and catchy cosmic groovers Night Moves features former members of Food Pyramid, Mouthful of Bees, and Battle Royale and is poised to break it big with their soon-to-drop album on Domino Records. Tonight’s 89.3 The Current DJ: Mary Lucia.

Movie: Spellbound

Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
Psychoanalytic chaos reigns as Dr. Petersen (Ingrid Bergman) attempts to unravel the repressed memories of Dr. Edwards (Gregory Peck). The keys to this much-loved Hitchcock thriller lie in the bizarre and beautiful dream sequence designed by Salvador Dalí. 1945, video, 111 minutes.


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