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Punk, Attitudinal: Film and Video, 1977 to 1987

Introduced by curator Steve Seid, Pacific Film Archive

Part of Radical Light

Works by a legion of iconoclastic artists inspired by the Bay Area punk scene are showcased in this program, including the Avengers, the Mutants, the Dils, the Off’s, Barney Haynes, Dale Hoyt, Scott Ryser, Ivar Smedstad, Rachel Webber, the Residents, and Target Video. Program length: 90 minutes.

The Screamers: Better World. Target Video. 1978, 3 minutes.

Your World Dies Screaming. Dale Hoyt. 1981, Blu-ray, 5 minutes.

Crime: Piss on My Dog. Target Video. 1978, 3 minutes

Deaf/Punk. Richard Gaikowski. 1979, Blu-ray, 8 minutes.

High Fidelity. Ivar Smedstad. 1987, Blu-ray, 5 minutes.

Weirdos: We Got the Neutron Bomb. Target Video. 1978, 3 minutes.

Thought Crimes in the Satiation Pool. Barney Haynes. 1988, Blu-ray, 7 minutes.

Black Flag: Rise Above. Target Video. 1978, 3 minutes.

The Units’ Training Film. Scott Ryser and Rachel Webber. 1980, Blu-ray, 14 minutes.

Mutants: New Drug. Target Video. 1978, 3 minutes.

Brent Aske. Ivar Smedstad. 1987, Blu-ray, 7 minutes.

Third Reich and Roll. The Residents. 1977, 16mm, 5 minutes.

Louder, Faster, Shorter. Mindaugis Bagdon. 1979, 16mm, 18 minutes.

Negative Trend: Mercenary. Target Video. 1978, 3 minutes.

Dancing Death Monsters. Dale Hoyt. 1981, Blu-ray, 5 minutes.

Dead Kennedys: California Uber Alles. Target Video. 1980, 4 minutes.


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