Walker Art Center

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Stories Untold

Part of Radical Light

Original and singular visions are unveiled through acerbic, brash, and at times libidinous narratives. Program length: 100 minutes.

The Bed. James Broughton. 1968, 16mm, 20 minutes. PFA preservation new print.

A Visit to Indiana. Curt McDowell. 1970, 16mm, 10 minutes.

A Reason to Live. George Kuchar. 1976, 16mm, 30 minutes.

I’ll Walk with God. Scott Stark. 1994, 16mm, 8 minutes.

Deadline. Max Almy. 1981, video, 4 minutes.

Easy Living. Chip Lord. 1984, mini-DV, 19 mintues.

All Smiles and Sadness. Anne McGuire. 1999, mini-DV, 8 minutes.


The Walker Art Center’s Expanding the Frame series is made possible by generous support from Elizabeth Redleaf.