Walker Art Center

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Construction Update: We’re open! Enter the Walker through the underground parking garage or Hennepin Avenue doors.

Stories Untold

Part of Radical Light

Original and singular visions are unveiled through acerbic, brash, and at times libidinous narratives. Program length: 100 minutes.

The Bed. James Broughton. 1968, 16mm, 20 minutes. PFA preservation new print.

A Visit to Indiana. Curt McDowell. 1970, 16mm, 10 minutes.

A Reason to Live. George Kuchar. 1976, 16mm, 30 minutes.

I’ll Walk with God. Scott Stark. 1994, 16mm, 8 minutes.

Deadline. Max Almy. 1981, video, 4 minutes.

Easy Living. Chip Lord. 1984, mini-DV, 19 mintues.

All Smiles and Sadness. Anne McGuire. 1999, mini-DV, 8 minutes.


The Walker Art Center’s Expanding the Frame series is made possible by generous support from Elizabeth Redleaf.