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I Used to Be Darker

Director Matt Porterfield and producer Steve Holmgren in person

“It’s another sleeper hit in the making.” —Indiewire

Set within the contemporary music scene of Baltimore, his hometown (lovingly captured in his features Hamilton and Putty Hill), Matt Porterfield’s new film is “at once emotionally charged, formally abstract and narratively laidback” (Variety).

When the summer romance of Irish runaway Taryn (Deragh Campbell) ends bitterly, she descends on the home of her aunt and uncle who are in the midst of separating. Played by real-life musicians Kim Taylor and Ned Oldham, the couple is conflicted by professional jealousy and infidelity as they confide in their unsuspecting niece, who is hiding her own secret.

Selected by the Sundance and Berlin Film Festivals. 2013, DCP, 90 minutes. A discussion with the director follows.


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