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Nature Theater of Oklahoma

Life and Times: Episode 1

“One of the most unforgettable adventures of my theatergoing experience.” —New York Times

This deeply captivating and exuberant new approach to American theater has toured Europe to wild acclaim and now comes home for a Walker debut.

Based wholly on one woman’s real life and minutely detailed memories from birth to third grade, this work by Nature Theater of Oklahoma revels in the stimulating and the silly, the mundane and the absurd—and above all, the unpredictable contradictions of life itself. Sung entirely in a pop-meets-chamber-opera style, the text is at once funny, intelligent, and loopingly hypnotic, revealing every hesitation, incomplete thought, and unconscious verbal habit.

Finding a poignant balance between grand and intimate, this audacious theatrical spectacle features a masterful pit band and six unforgettable actor/singers choreographed with mock-Soviet precision. Time flies by in this buoyantly innovative “masterpiece” (New Yorker), which proves that every life, no matter how ordinary, is ultimately profound and heroic.

Note: Run time approximately 3.5 hours plus intermission.

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Support provided by Producers’ Council members Kings’ Fountain/Barbara Watson Pillsbury and Henry Pillsbury, Producers’ Council members Leni and David Moore, Jr., the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Theater Project of the New England Foundation for the Arts.