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After Tiller

Directed by Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, Nominated for Best Documentary

Part of 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards Screenings

Since the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in Kansas in May 2009, there are only four American doctors left who openly provide third-trimester abortions. After Tiller paints a complex, compassionate portrait of these physicians—Dr. LeRoy Carhart, Dr. Warren Hern, Dr. Susan Robinson, and Dr. Shelley Sella—who have become the new number-one targets of the anti-abortion movement. They continue to risk their lives every day to do work that many believe is murder, but which they believe is profoundly important for their patients’ lives. The film weaves together in-depth interviews with the doctors with intimate verité scenes from their lives and their clinics. By sharing the moving stories of several of their patients, After Tiller illuminates the experiences of women who seek late-term abortions and the reasons why they do so. 2013, US, 88 minutes.

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