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MNTV Celebration

Various directors

Part of Walktoberfest: Celebrating the Walker’s 75th Anniversary, Walktoberfest: Free Films

Get a sneak peek of the new season of MNTV featuring selections of the best short films by Minnesota filmmakers. Program length 60 minutes.

Ann Prim, FILMETTO—Porta 241

A Borgesian conundrum in which fragmented vignettes conjure the secret life of objects to create a tender, sensual story of desire and where those desires might lead us.

Neha Belvalkar, Ayananta

A young married woman from a small town in India questions her estranged relationship with her husband. Finding strength in a revolutionary dance form and in her friendship with a transvestite, she perseveres to move forward and not submissively accept her difficult circumstances.

Annie Enneking, Funeral for Fun

A woman, missing something or someone, seems to be a stranger at her own party.

Kevin Russell, Into the Roil

An estranged couple gets lost in the woods chasing a mysterious blood trail.

Andrea Shaker, home. not home.

This experimental short film speaks of home and homeland as places of comfort, confinement, and war, evoking tension as it moves between video footage of meditative interior views, sounds of everyday domestic activities, and distant alarms.

Christopher Lange, Home Near Water

Brad attempts to preserve love within his dying marriage, which coincides with his gradual transformation into a creature. Filmed in a painterly style, this experimental drama flows with visual and musical vigor, reflecting the existential and spiritual change of the main character.


This program is made possible by generous support from the Jerome Foundation.