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Directed by So Yong Kim

“The wonder of this new film from So Yong Kim … is how deftly it digs beneath the clichés and formulas of familiar sub-genres to come up with something specific, nuanced and insightful. It’s a quiet drama, full of unspoken hurt and free of histrionics, but it’s as raw and painful as a fresh wound.” —Hollywood Reporter

Lucidly documenting two encounters between college friends Sarah (Riley Keough) and Mindy (Jena Malone) over the course of three years, Lovesong is a clear-eyed examination of the romantic and emotional tensions that lie below the surface. The film finds Sarah unhappily married and searingly lonely, until a visit from Mindy brings her to cackling, playful life. Bolstered by beautiful, insightful performances, the film is a study in longing, insecurity, and the subtle contours of intimacy. 2016, US, 84 minutes.


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