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Hip Hop Moves: Heroes and Innovators

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The Twin Cities is home to a vast array of its own hip-hop cognoscenti, from movement creators to musicians. This spectacular evening showcasing hip-hop dance innovators illustrates the connection between the local scene and the national legends who have shaped it. Inventors of groundbreaking moves now danced all over the world will be featured, including the Electric Boogaloos, originators of Boogaloo (funk style); Don Campbell, creator of “locking” as we know it today; and the Untouchables, a crew of audacious upstarts from Philadelphia. A host of local dancers, DJs, MCs, spoken word, and graf artists (including beat boxers 3 Kings, poppers Uneeq and Darwin, Damian “DayLight” Day, Hip-Hop Coop, Truth Maze, DJ K Salaam, Stephanie “B-Girl Seoul” Aasen, Desdemona, Kenna Camara-Cottman, MNSWA spoken word artists, and many others) pays tribute to these heroes while mapping our own history.