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OPEN-ENDED Video Jukebox

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For the exhibition OPEN-ENDED (the art of engagement), Spencer Nakasako expands on his popular video booth project by presenting a digital media station, an updated booth linked to a video jukebox. Armed with the questions What does freedom mean to you? and Are you free?, which are open-ended and universal as well as specifically cogent to our times, Nakasako and a group of students at the Vietnamese Youth Development Center in San Francisco, the Bronx Museum Teen Council, and the Walker Art Center Teen Arts Council hit the streets, gathering and recording spontaneous responses. Gallery visitors can also respond on tape to the same questions. These preproduced videos and the video-booth recordings are fed into the jukebox and played in random order. The works are also available here on the Walker Channel. Nakasakos project thus creates a connectivity that renders the solid walls of the exhibition gallery porous and extends even into cyberspace, the not-so-virtual and increasingly democratic platform of global communication and engagement.