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Thomas Hirschhorn

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Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn says he is interested in the idea of doing too much, giving too much, putting too much of an effort into something. His cluttered and chaotic large-scale installations, including Cavemanman (2002), one of three works featured in the exhibition Heart of Darkness, communicate this attraction to excess. A sprawling network of caves constructed from cardboard, plywood, duct tape, and objects and images from everyday life, Cavemanman immerses viewers in an overwhelming physical space that sparks questions about consumerism and modern civilization. Join the artist for a lecture about this piece and other projects, plus a discussion about utopian ideals, interactivity, and politics in art.

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Heart of Darkness: Kai Althoff, Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne, Thomas Hirschhorn.