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About Bruno Beltrão/Grupo de Rua de Niteroi’s H3

TALK DANCE host Justin Jones speaks with McGuire Senior Curator for Performing Arts, Philip Bither about Bruno Beltrão/Grupo de Rua de Niteroi’s H3.

01:13 / Philip Bither’s first encounter with H3
03:38 / Expectations around hip-hop dance
04:39 / Combination of physicality and thoughtfulness in H3
06:25 / post modern techniques in the work
08:06 / Combining authentic street dance and academic dance
09:20 / Influence of favela culture on Belträo’s work
11:10 / What about this piece specifically inspired you to bring it to the Walker in this season?
14:47 / Virtuosity and completion within the work
17:42 / Masculinity, martial arts, and gender in H3
22:22 / Intimacy of violence and physical comradery
25:19 / Impact of design elements on viewer’s experience of the piece