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Lucinda Childs on Dance

TALK DANCE host Justin Jones speaks with Lucinda Childs about her landmark collaboration with Philip Glass and Sol LeWitt, Dance.

01:24 / Why it was important to remount Dance
03:10 / Collaborating with Philip Glass and Sol LeWitt
11:39 / White Costumes and Dance Sneakers
14:47 / Dance Dance Notation
18:00 / Unison (and not unison) & Repetition (and variation)
24:25 / Dancers then and Dancers now
27:00 / Ballet technique and its Influence on Dance
30:21 / Is Dance a Minimalist dance?
31:12 / The challenge of rehearsing Dance
33:03 / The original production of Dance (in five parts)
35:33 / Past-Future-Present: The Judson Era, the Future of Dance, A Giant Face