Walker Art Center

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Miranda July The Future Introduction and Post-Screening Discussion

Miranda July attended the Walker area premiere screening of The Future and took the stage to field audience questions.

Miranda July (Me and You and Everyone We Know), who last visited in 2000 to show video and performance work from her Big Miss Moviola project, returns with her second feature, The Future, which premiered at the Sundance and Berlin film festivals. Deftly balancing bathos and pathos, July’s film is a funny and unsettling tale about impending maturity and the responsibility that comes with it. Sophie (July) and Jason (Hamish Linklater) are a long-term couple stuck in dead-end jobs and a cramped efficiency apartment. Seeking a project to take them out of the doldrums, they decide to adopt a special-needs cat that requires round-the-clock care. But when it turns out they have to wait a month to bring the invalid animal home, the duo realizes this might be their last chance at a life without constraints. With kitty Paw Paw commenting on the action as a sort of Greek chorus of one, they quit their jobs, setting off a series of consequences that challenges their relationship in touching and hilarious ways.

Roadside Attraction’s The Future will open theatrically in Minneapolis on Friday, August 11th at the Landmark Lagoon Cinema.