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As Is from Monodramas
Stan Douglas
sheet 10.9375 × 19.8125 × inches
gelatin silver print
Not on view

Object Details

Photographs (Photographs)
Accession Number
in pencil on reverse at lower left “Stan Douglas,”; in pencil on reverse at lower left “Monodramas (1991)” and at lower right “3/5”
Physical Description
Photograph of a highway interchange on the left side of sheet. Cinematic description of Monodramas segment featuring this image to the right of the photograph. Text: “As IsThree vignettes featuring three of those large automobiles peculiar to the1970s, accompanied by three moments from the bridge of the disco song,“I Want Your Love,” by Chic. The cars were sold in their day as luxuryvehicles, but today–having been made to look less attractive by morecompact imports and domestics–they are now some of the least expensiveused cars one can buy. All three are of exactly the same make and vintage,but they can be distinguished by their particular colours and respectivequantities of rust.1. Music: guitar, bass, and drums only. A low-rise residential neighbourhoodwith more than a few Vancouver Specials lining the streets. The cameradraws toward a car with its hood and both doors open. A young man sits inthe driver’s seat with one foot on the road, awaiting instruction. As it passesthe car, the camera finds two more young men working on the car’s engine–one getting his hands dirty, and the other giving unwanted advice. Dissolveto the next scene.2. Music: a piano adds chords with each quarter-note beat. Driving besidean enormous automobile on a freeway in a suburban area, the distant skyline reminds one that this is no more than twenty minutes from the city’s downtown core. A long look from a short distance at one of the car’spassenger windows, through which, because of glare, nothing can be seen.The car accelerates, providing an unobstructed view of itself in its entirety asit recedes into the distance. Dissolve to the next scene.3. Music: chimes mimic the melody of the chorus, with synthetic hornspenetrating the space between “want” and “your love.” The camera followsa car from some distance behind, as it drives slowly through a parking lot–spiraling upward to the uppermost level, which is exposed to the afternoonsky. The car finally parks and one of its doors opens. Dissolve to black andfade to silence.4. Title: FOR LESS.5. Title: LUXURY.”
not known
Credit Line
McKnight Acquisition Fund, 1996