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Collections> Browse > Barfüsserkirche II (Church of the Minorites II)

Collections> Browse > Barfüsserkirche II (Church of the Minorites II)

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Barfüsserkirche II (Church of the Minorites II)
unframed 42-¾ × 36-5/8 × 2-½ inches
oil on canvas
Not on view

Object Details

Paintings (Paintings)
Accession Number
In paint front UL “Feininger 1926”; In paint on original stretcher (replaced 1959) “L. Feininger 1926/Barfüsserkircher II”
Physical Description
interior and exterior of Erfurt’s Gothic church represented in faceted and fractured planes
Credit Line
Gift of the T. B. Walker Foundation, Gilbert M. Walker Fund, 1943

curriculum resource Lyonel Feininger, Barfüsserkirche II (Church of the Minorites II) (1926) Walker Art Center, 2002

An American artist of German descent, Lyonel Feininger studied music in Germany, then abandoned a promising career as a violinist to become an artist. Although he turned his concentration toward the visual arts, Feininger consistently created his work with a musician’s sensitivity. Paintings, he once wrote, “have to sing, must enrapture, and must not stop at portraying an episode.”

Although greatly influenced by the geometric aspects of Cubism, Feininger developed his own colorful and romantic version of this style. Conceptually, he wanted to achieve a spiritual synthesis of the natural and man-made world in his paintings by depicting such subjects as architecture and human forms as prismatically colored, interpenetrating planes. In Barfüsserkirche II (Church of the Minorites II), Feininger created a pictorial communion of a church (kirche) and the German Franciscan monks (Barfüsser) who reside there by depicting a harmonious composition of repeated transparent colors, shapes, and lines.

Text for Lyonel Feininger, Barfüsserkirche II (Church of the Minorites II) (1926), from the curriculum guide So, Why Is This Art?, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2002.

Copyright 2002 Walker Art Center