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overall 67.5 × 21.5 × 18 inches
On view at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

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Physical Description
Note: this work was acquired through the artist from his one-man show at Walker Art Center via Eugene Thau, New Gallery and T.B. Walker Fund, 1953. See Credit Line.
Credit Line
Gift of the T. B. Walker Foundation, 1953

artwork entry Saul Baizerman, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, 1998

Nike, in Greek mythology, was the goddess of victory who aided Zeus in his battle against the Titans. Often depicted as a winged figure, we know her best as the Nike of Samothrace (or Winged Victory), one of the finest examples of Hellenistic sculpture and a highlight of the Louvre Museum in Paris. Saul Baizerman’s academic training—in Russia as a young man and later at the Beaux Arts Institute in New York—introduced him to such mythological themes and to the idealized human figures of classical sculpture, which he explored extensively in his mature work. Subtly molding his forms from huge sheets of copper, he reinterpreted these beings in the stylized, sleek “moderne” sensibility of the 1950s. The copper fabricating process allowed Baizerman to endow his figures with an immediacy and vitality that he felt unable to attain in bronze. Indeed, this Nike seems nearly ready to rise up in flight.

Jenkins, Janet, ed. Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Minneapolis, MN: Walker Art Center, 1998, no. 23.

© 1998 Walker Art Center