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Collections Browse Suaire de Mondo Cane (Mondo Cane Shroud)

Collections Browse Suaire de Mondo Cane (Mondo Cane Shroud)

Suaire de Mondo Cane (Mondo Cane Shroud)
Yves Klein
overall 108 × 118.5 × inches
pigment, synthetic resin on gauze
On view at the Walker Art Center

Object Details

Paintings (Paintings)
Accession Number
Physical Description
An Anthropométrie (Anthropometry) painting, likely a rehearsal work created before the filming of Mondo Cane.
Credit Line
Gift of Alexander Bing, T. B. Walker Foundation, Art Center Acquisition Fund, Professional Art Group I and II, Mrs. Helen Haseltine Plowden, Dr. Alfred Pasternak, Dr. Maclyn C. Wade, by exchange, with additional funds from the T. B. Walker Acquisition Fund, 2004

essay Painting on, or as, Film, Eric Crosby, 2014

Yves Klein, the self-proclaimed “painter of space,” sought to achieve immaterial spirituality through pure color, an ambition that took this most mercurial artist from painting and sculpture to performance, film, photography, and music. For his most performative works, his so-called Anthropometries, Klein employed naked bodies as “living brushes” in his increasingly theatrical painting practice. Here, curator Eric Crosby situates Klein’s iconic late work Suaire de Mondo Cane (Mondo Cane Shroud) between the surface of painting and the projected image of cinema.