Walker Art Center

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Rental Policies

All reservations and agreements made are subject to the rules and regulations of the Walker Art Center and subject to the following conditions:

Planning an Event

  • When planning an event with Walker Art Center, the client will work closely with a Modern Events by D’Amico staff member to ensure that the event takes place smoothly and efficiently.
  • The Walker Art Center is a perfect setting for cocktail receptions, dinners, presentations, meetings, weddings, and other special events. However, the following types of events are not permitted at the Walker: political events; demonstrations; auctions of art; art displays, film/video screenings, performances, or education and design-related events not presented or approved by the Walker Art Center; and events where entrance requires on-site ticket purchase.
  • The Walker Art Center reserves the right to review the special event plans (including décor and entertainment) to ensure that they are compatible with the Walker’s mission.

Food & Beverage

  • Modern Events by D’Amico, the exclusive caterer for the Walker Art Center, provides all catering. No outside caterers are allowed.
  • To protect the art, no food or beverages are allowed in the exhibition galleries.
  • The Walker Art Center and Modern Events by D’Amico reserve the right to discontinue the service of alcoholic beverages at any time during a function. Bar service will end one-half hour before the departure time stated on the function contract. Food must be served in conjunction with alcohol service.

Rental Fees

  • Rental fees are based on a minimum four-hour rental period. Event arrival and departure times, as stated in the event contract, are fixed and not subject to negotiation on the day of the event.
  • Rental fees include: basic room set-up and take-down and standard Walker Art Center security during the event.
  • Rental fees do not include: any food or beverages, service charges, tax, labor charges, coat check, use of audio-visual equipment or staff, parking, outdoor tents, décor, linens, or additional maintenance and security charges.
  • Events with amplified music are subject to additional security fees.

Guarantees, Confirmation & Payment Terms

  • A 50% nonrefundable rental fee deposit and signed contract with Modern Events by D’Amico are required to reserve the space and time of your event.
  • Any overtime or additional charges will be billed separately and due immediately upon receipt of invoice following the event.

Excused Non-Performance

  • The Walker Art Center is not liable for any failure to provide the agreed services or facilities due to labor disputes, accidents, riots, war, government restriction or requirements, or any other event of circumstance beyond the control of the Walker Art Center. Any such non-performance shall be excused and the agreement may be terminated without further liability, upon return of the client’s deposit.

Signs & Decorations

  • The Walker Art Center reserves the right to preapprove all signage, decorations, and décor, including plant and floral arrangements.
  • Nothing may be affixed to any interior or exterior surface of the Walker Art Center.
  • No open flames are permitted. Candles in glass containers or votives are allowed in certain spaces.
  • No confetti, rice, birdseed, balloons, flammable props, or live animals are permitted on the property.
  • At the end of the function, the client must remove all decorations and any other articles brought into the Walker Art Center.

Audio/Video & Technical Needs

  • Many rental spaces are equipped with standard audio, video, sound, and light inventories, to be operated by Walker Art Center technical staff.
  • Your Modern Events by D’Amico staff member will coordinate the planning of, and provide pricing for, any special audio, video, sound, and light needs and their operation with the help of the Walker’s associate director of event and media production.


  • The client is responsible for any and all damages that occur as a result of the event, including damages to the building, fixtures, equipment, and personal property. The Walker Art Center will bill the client for the repair or replacement charges after the event.


  • Deliveries may only be made on the event date during designated hours as to not conflict with Walker Art Center activities and operations, and must be coordinated through a Modern Events by D’Amico staff member.
  • The Walker Art Center reserves the right to refuse any delivery or set-up that does not arrive at the designated time on the event contract.

Outdoor Service

  • The Walker Art Center and Modern Events by D’Amico reserve the right to make final decisions regarding food and beverage service on the terraces. The decisions will be based on Minneapolis City Code, the safety of guests and employees, and current and/or forecasted weather conditions.
  • Tents are not included in the rental fees and their rental must be coordinated through Modern Events by D’Amico due to the terrace materials.


  • The Walker Art Center bans guns from the premises.


  • Smoking is only allowed on the outdoor terraces.

Lost & Found

  • The Walker Art Center and Modern Events by D’Amico will not assume or accept responsibility for damage or loss of any items or articles left on the premise by the client prior to, during, or following the client’s function.


  • Event parking is available in the adjacent underground parking ramp.
  • Validations are available through your Modern Events by D’Amico staff member.

Galleries & Tours

  • Galleries can be rented in combination with the rental of other event space(s) for use as a gallery only.
  • Consider arranging a privately guided tour of the galleries for your guests, led by a trained Walker Art Center tour guide. Your Modern Events by D’Amico staff member will help coordinate your needs.


  • The Walker Art Center Shop offers a wide variety of items that will provide your guests with unique reminders of your Walker Art Center experience. Your Modern Events by D’Amico staff member will assist you with your needs.
  • Clients may not reproduce works of art from the Walker Art Center’s collections or exhibitions on printed materials or merchandise for their event.
  • Retail merchandise cannot be sold during a rental event.