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Widely recognized for its presentation of moving-image arts that define and influence our time, the Walker Film/Video program oversees a 21st-century cinema and a vast collection of global and avant-garde films, documentaries, and video works. More

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A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

“An astonishing debut feature that contains the dark beauty of old school vampire films, the cool rigor of the Iranian New Wave, and the culturally aware wit of someone with killer taste in music and movies.” —Filmmaker Magazine One of the surprise discoveries of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival, this… More

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Conditioning: Typography and Moving Image

Opening sequences, title cards, interludes, subtitles, end credits: typography in cinema and television is quickly evidenced and it is never neutral. To consider some key precedents one need only think of Maurice Binder’s stylish and fluid transitions between abstract graphic, typeface, and gun barrel… More


Paul Schmelzer

Rethinking Collections Publishing for the Digital Age

For many in the museum world, the term scholarly collections catalogue can conjure daunting impressions: a book about a museum’s holdings, it involves years of collecting, researching, photographing… More


Paul Schmelzer

Shifting Terrains: Fionn Meade on the Cross-Disciplinary

As the hard edges between disciplines continue to dissolve, the Walker is intensifying its investigations into what artistic boundary-crossing means and how curators must adapt to the needs of… More


Alise Hansen

A Cinematic Family Album for Morocco

For Yto Barrada, Morocco’s defunct Cinéma Rif offered an opportunity to “bring a certain kind of magic back to the city” through an artistic intervention. The result—now nearly a decade old—is Cinémathèque de Tanger, an… More


Rob Nelson

Steve McQueen: “I Want to Be Useful”

“I don’t think slavery has been taboo at all,” Steve McQueen says, having just noted that his film 12 Years a Slave is one of less than two dozen to address this painful part of US history. “[Racism has] actually been very visible and… More


Rob Nelson

Steve McQueen’s Truth and Beauty

Addressing criticisms that Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave prizes beauty over human emotion, Rob Nelson asks: “Doesn’t commercial art by its very nature put an ornate frame around whatever it observes? What does it mean to say… More


Mason Riddle

Buckminster Fuller: A Design Science Evangelist in Minnesota

Earning a standing ovation from a crowd of 5,000, Buckminster Fuller spoke at the University of Minnesota one Monday in 1973 on the role of design scientists in civic problem solving. But the… More