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Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City

Walker artist-in-residence Fritz Haeg presents Domestic Integrities A05, the next iteration of an ongoing series that examines ways in which gardens and landscapes are harvested and brought into the home. The centerpiece of the installation is a large crocheted rug nearly 30 feet in diameter, made… More

Edible Estate Garden #15

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From Lawn to Garden: Edible Estate #15

In a weekend that involved a sod cutter, 17 bags of leaf litter mulch, 30 yards of compost, 40 shovels, a wood chipper, thousands of plants, and an army of volunteers, a suburban front yard in Woodbury, Minn., was transformed into Edible Estate #15, the last garden in artist Fritz Haeg’s global series. Here… More

Fritz Haeg

Heading Home: Michael Pollan and Fritz Haeg on Reviving Domesticity

Michael Pollan and Fritz Haeg are on parallel paths—from the garden into the home. For Pollan, that shift is manifest in his new book Cooked, which brings ideas from his bestseller The Omnivore’s… More

Julie Caniglia

Tearing Up the Lawn

Fritz Haeg’s garden-based art has grown all over the world, but now he’s returned to dig in the dirt of his hometown—the Twin Cities. In his six-month Walker residency, Haeg has overturned a Woodbury front lawn, built a geodesic dome in the Minneapolis Sculpture… More

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Acshah’s Map

Throughout her residency as part of  Fritz Haeg’s At Home in the City project, artist Katie Bachler will be blogging about the people and ideas she encounters. Greetings from the ArtLab Map Room! This is Katie. I’m here at the Walker working on a community-created… More

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Mapping Life with Katie Bachler

   Katie Bachler lives and teaches in the desert of Arizona. An artist, educator, and gardener, her work exlores our personal ideas of home and the different paths we all walk, both physically and metaphysically. For her residency with… More

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Meet the Fritz Haeg Residency Interns

It takes a village, or in this case, a team of 5 talented and enthusiastic interns to help make a large-scale residency project like Fritz Haeg: At Home in the City work. Over the next few months Bridget Mendel, Will Gobeli… More

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Walker Home & Garden Club Hits the Garden

Mother’s Day brought the sunshine and the intrepid Home & Garden club to the geodesic dome in the Sculpture Garden. With this familial theme, we looked back to the knowledge we have gleaned, passed down, and shared from the matrons… More