For Claude Closky's latest work, Calendar 2000, he has culled some of the finest sayings of popular culture to create a kind of digital ad_meme-a-day calendar. You can peruse prior sayings by clicking on the text, but you must return for tomorrow's wisdom.

Claude Closky and Philippe Vergne

This interview with Closky byPhilippe Vergne, Walker Art Center visual arts curator, was conducted via email in the waning days of the millennium.

Philippe Vergne: Would you rather spend vacation in Corpus Christi (Texas) with Andy Warhol or in Bali with Naomi Campbell, and why?

Claude Closky: As Neiman Marcus® says: "Art provides great table conversation", but as Clairol® advises: "I will follow my "Natural InstinctsŠ;" and invite Naomi to come with me to Bali.

PV: Would you wear a Gucci suit with cowboy boots or a tennis shorts with Prada shoes and why?

CC: It's a difficult choice, because as Sears® teachs us: "Being in style can be very rewarding", and as Coty® reminds us: "Every man wants success by day and by night".

PV: Do you believe in high and low?

CC: I believe in ultra-high hydratation cream and extra-low calorie yoghurt.

PV: The eighties are coming back, so what do you fear the most about that?

CC: I am afraid that "Beauty is timeless," as Max Factor® puts it, and that "Tomorrow never dies." as Omega® predicts!

PV: Duchamp, Picasso, Matisse, or Schaparelli?

CC: I have to admit I have spent more time lately with Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia of the Golden Girls.

First published by Gallery 9/Walker Art Center, December 31, 1999.