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Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, Jon Ippolito
The Unreliable Archivist
November 1998
Netscape 4.06+ or Internet Explorer 4.05+ and Shockwave plug-in

The Unreliable Archivist was commissioned on the occassion of creating the Digital Arts Study Collection and the acquisition of the artist Web site ada'web. What does it mean to archive new media anyway? The collaborative team of Cohen, Frank, Ippolito take a tongue-in-cheek approach, suggesting nothing so much as an automated archivist with a bug in its program--HAL exploring the frontiers of history rather than space. But are the results so crazy?

Lisa Jevbratt
The Stillman Project
November 1998
Netscape 4.06+ or Internet Explorer 4.05+

A Stillman project for the Walker Art Center is a 6-month experiment in what is known as collaborative filtering. Every time a "screener," as Jevbratt calls us, visits the Walker's home page (www.walkerart.org), we are asked to identify with one of three statements.
Based on which statement is selected, a color is assigned, and as the screener clicks through the Walker web site, he leaves a "trace" of that color, which is tracked as a cumulative dynamic site map. Over time and visits by multiple screeners patterns emerge. Green screeners seem to prefer certain pages or sections of the site, while bule others. Some sections of the web site are a blend. Leave a trace.

Marek Walczak with Remo Campopiano
VRML Minneapolis Sculpture Garden
November 1998
Netscape 3.01+/IE 4+; CosmoPlayer or other VRML 2.0 plug-in
(N.B. The industry has not yet made a reliable VRML 2.0 plug-in for the Macintosh platform)

Now you can wander through the Walker's world-renowned Minneapolis Sculpture Garden virtually. Sit on the Jenny Holzer benches and read the inscriptions; walk up the Armajani bridge and read the John Ashbury poem; take the "Inside/Outside" tour of artists with work in the Garden and the permanent collection.

The Shock of the View
Artists, Audiences, and Museums in the Digital Age

in collaboration with the Davis Museum and Cultural Center at Wellesley College, the San Jose Museum of Art, the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University, and Rhizome September 1998
Netscape 3.01+/IE 4+

"Shock of the View" begins with online exhibitions--"object lessons" that pair works of art or performances from a museum with digital works of art. Every three weeks new works will be added, organized around the broad themes of object, space, performance, and the hybrid. Commentaries by invited curators, artists, educators, and critics explore the ways digital media impacts artists, audiences, and museums, and provide starting points a parallel listserv discussion.

To subscribe to the discussion list, send email to shock-subscribe@rhizome.walkerart.org

Piotr Szyhalski
Ding an sich: The Canon Series
September 1997
Netscape 3.01+/IE 4+

"In Ding an sich, Szyhalski challenges the viewer to examine the invisible intersection between artist and audience and to contemplate the role of each in determining an art work's essence."
--Matthew Mirapaul, The New York Times CyberTimes

Ted Nelson's Xanadu posits a completely interconnected universe of information where everything is linked to everything else. The present Internet is both limited in terms of what is actually available online and overwhelming in that the primary Internet-wide connective tissue--search engines--are uselessly full of potential links.

Walker's hyperessay projects explore ways to utilze the non-linear, hypertext narrative format in relation to create an authored, inter-textual field of exploration related to a particular topic. Carl DiSalvo
October 1998

Julie Luckenbach with Louis Mazza

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