Wunderkammer submissions

Each page comprises one student's submission, and includes:
Object 1 first (image, ratings, text)
Object 2 (image, ratings, text)
Explanation of how those two objects relate.

Megan Kelly-Sweeney

resolvable: 8
gigantic: 6
complex: 2
feminine: 6
young: 8
sticky: 1
public: 4
proprietary: 1

She walked up to the edge of the light and paused. Whiteness filled the space just in front of her, as if she stood facing another being or a force. She looked down and noticed the reflection beaming up around her. She stood still, not wanting to disturb the glossy pool. The light felt tangible, she felt its presence hovering before her. Then her focus shifted through to the wall opposite. The raw and blunt concreteness of the room holding her and the light drew her attention. The physicality of the light before her yielded to her gaze, vanishing discretely. She stepped forward and the light slipped around her, gliding off her shoulders. Engulfed, she stood within a womb of light, the world beyond it barely visible, the shape of the light holding her barely visible. Above her, sheer brightness slowly gave way to colors, shapes, then edges, objects, gradually revealing a vast scene edging the stark blue sky. Her eyes reached through the portal above her, seeking something recognizable, something familiar. The landscape spread out above her, foreign, yet inviting. It drew her in and held her focus far from her body and its surroundings. The light from above had absorbed her, distracted her from her own presence. She saw the world expanding above her without placing herself in it. Unself-conscious. She scanned the horizon, her eyes slowly circling the space until they drifted down to the edge of portal, its physicality indeterminate. A brilliant reflection the only border between the bright scene and the dark room below. Her eyes lowered to the darkness around her, a renewed void. Her eyes searched rapidly, trying to place her physical being again. Her own presence felt stark and vivid against the void. She searched her surroundings for a sense of the space, trying to perceive a physicality, a presence besides her own. Looking down, she found the floor solid beneath her feet, through the hazy white light, the corners of the room began to emerge. Only once she stepped out of the light, leaving the portal behind, did she see the walls crisply again, the reflection glimmering on the waxed floor. As she looked back, the light from the ceiling began retaking its physicality, slowly growing more opaque until she turned away and felt its presence behind her.

Megan Kelly-Sweeney

resolvable: 4
gigantic: 3
complex: 8
feminine: 5
young: 6
sticky: 1
public: 6
proprietary: 2

She wandered through the exhibit, checking on him, wanting him to be engaged in his own way, hoping he was not just yielding to her interest in the dark maze of video installations. He smiled back reassuringly each time until she finally released her concern for him. She let her focus settle on the piece, let the pace of her movement find its own rhythm as she walked around, pausing for a minute here, and hour there. She stood before a screen watching a slow tape gradually make its way through an expanse of time. She felt his presence just behind her, a sliver of space between them filled with a sense of each other. She didn't know when he had come up to her, or how long he had been there, or how she would feel had he not been there. He just barely brushed the edge of her jacket, she didn't need to turn around. His presence was so tangible. It felt so strong, the two of them together. His presence alone empowered her. The tape looped through, beginning its progression again, and they drifted on to something new. He moved across the room, she into another nook, around the corner, yet still the space between them felt filled. His presence remained with her. On this, their last day together, she felt him irreversibly. He left, she continued on, their paths diverged. He tried to disappear. He didn't want to feel her presence so clearly when she wasn't there, it was like resurrecting a ghost. He didn't want to give over that control, to let her physicality flit in and out of his world as it pleased. Yet, the space between them remained full, full of everything that had been and could be. When the space between them became small the force of what could have been grew too intense for him to bear. Strangely to him, it only made her stronger. He ran away, denying her presence to himself. He wrestled his own presence away from her, but the strength she gleaned from him stayed with her. She watched him slink away, so determined to feel no presence, he didn't even feel his own.

Megan Kelly-Sweeney

She felt a presence behind her.