Wunderkammer submissions

Each page comprises one student's submission, and includes:
Object 1 first (image, ratings, text)
Object 2 (image, ratings, text)
Explanation of how those two objects relate.

Shaan P. Mehta

resolvable: 1
gigantic: 10
complex: 10
feminine: 5
young: 5
sticky: 6
public: 1
proprietary: 10

FICTIONAL STORY: WUNDERKAMMAR (SNOOTY WALL LABEL)! This picture is a complex representation of a time long ago. The picture is of the Wunderkammar, an ancient form of creating order in the universe. Like religion and mythology, the Wunderkammar gave people a belief system for things that they could not otherwise explain. But more importantly this picture gives us a glimpse into the life of our ancestors. These men working in this giant room of objects are slaves to a King. They are property of that King and are simply marveling at the wonders of this room as they clean it. How did they get there? One day these four men were out hunting in a forest when they came upon the most beautiful woman that they had ever seen. She was bathing in the lake adjacent their village. So the men watched in marvel as this beautiful woman bathed, little did they know though that this was the kings daughter. When the king came and saw them there he threatened to kill them on the spot. Begging for their lives he decided to spare them, but made them into his slaves. This of course this is how popular folklore has retold the story. The strange inscription on the bottom of the painting, which reads "Soreito del museo di ferrante imperato" has been translated in a variety of ways, the most widely accepted is the one that says that it means "Property of the emperor and King." You will notice that their cleaning motion can almost be construed as people whom re going to look at a museum. Some people have tried to say that this picture was a representation of something other than what we say it is, but their voices are not really acknowledged, as they are not scholars. The painting was done by a jester of the king and is approximately 260 years old.

Shaan P. Mehta

resolvable: 3
gigantic: 1
complex: 8
feminine: 1
young: 9
sticky: 10
public: 1
proprietary: 4

FICTIONAL STORY: JACK-IN-THE-BOX ANTENNA BALL (ARROGANT HISTORIAN)! This recently unearthed object is a truly puzzling one. Archeologists and scientists have only recently discovered what it is, Dr. Bob Miller explains in his new book: "You see this mysterious head is actually an ancient piece of art that was created in the time we call "The age of Mergers and Acquisitions." This was a statement against large corporations in some country. We assume that is what the big C is representing." He later describes the context in which it was created. "Well It seems obvious to the scholarly community that this is a completely unique object and that the creator was well ahead of his time. We assume that the company that used this thing as its slogan was somehow in charge of the earth. There have been allusions to this representing the company Microsoft which nearly was running the world at that time as far as our records show, but that is still speculatory. What is for sure is that this was the embodiment of some large information company as is made apparent by the silly provoking grin on the face of the object and the fact that it's hat is a perfect fit for those old "modems" that we hear so much about. We expect that the author was killed by the people that were running the company because of his insubordination." Dr. Miller ends with this; "Regardless of the nature of this object it is with absolute certainty that I can say it was the icon for American freedom and one of the largest contributers to the Revolt that took place some 700 years ago. Note that some people have suggested that it is simply some object that you used to put on your cars "Antenna" for fun, but what do they know, they are not historians!

Shaan P. Mehta

DESCRIPTION OF HOW THEY RELATE: These two objects have much in common. One is the slavery of the past, the other is the slavery of the present. One represents how other people controlled us in those "Backward" times. The latter shows how it is still going on today. We used to be in servitude of kings, now we are in servitude of large Corporations. While a lot has changed in the last 300 years, some things have not, this is one of them.