Wunderkammer submissions

Each page comprises one student's submission, and includes:
Object 1 first (image, ratings, text)
Object 2 (image, ratings, text)
Explanation of how those two objects relate.

gana wettasinghe

resolvable: 4
gigantic: 7
complex: 9
feminine: 10
young: 10
sticky: 10
public: 4
proprietary: 5

This is a portrait of a white woman who wants to be black. The white woman is exposing herself in the same manner as the black women in the Gauguin painting behind her. She is demonstrating her idea that she can be interesting and exotic like Gauguin's women of color. The woman who painted this painting wants to be black and felt like she was born into the wrong body.This women identifies herself as a white to black trans-racial. Trans-racialism is not very common and race operations were not yet discovered at the time of this painting. The first man in history to have a successful race change operation was Michael Jackson and the the first woman was Joan Brown. Sometimes people mistake this painting for a representation of lesbianism instead of transracilism. This interpretation come from the fact that two female figures are laying out naked. But they do not aknowlegde each other and do not interact with each other. In many cultures lesbianism exist and is not aknowledge as lesbianism. This relates to the issue of race which is what transraciality is all about.

gana wettasinghe

resolvable: 3
gigantic: 4
complex: 4
feminine: 10
young: 1
sticky: 10
public: 1
proprietary: 4

The idea of transracilism relates to leasbian in eastern countries because lesbian is partly a western construct. The diaspora of lesbians in the worls reflect a racial diaspora. Sri Lanka does not have any lesbians. Western terminolgy would like to catagorize women who love women as lesbians but this terms does not translate well into the culture. The idea of lesbians being criminals because of their sexuality is Sri Lanka's british law and Sri LAnkan media. Talk about homosexuality is coming out and it is important that the "lesbian" community have a fair representation. This is the fist time in Sri Lankan history, since independence from the British, that these issues are becoming part of popular culture. Unfortunately, the media in Sri Lanka is not being sympathetic to lesbians. The only Sri Lankan film made about lesbians was made by a homophobic filmmaker. The film called Fire in the bed was supposed to be a spin off of Indian film Fire. This cave painting is the advertisment for it. It was shown at the festival of "comparative digital media and representations of sexuality in the popular culture of South Asia and America". Screenings of the film will be made at various South Asian and queer conferences such as Young Loud and Proud, and Trikone conference in San Francisco. This will be a form of empowerment to other second generation queer youth who will not have to believe the people who tell them they are not supposed to be lesbians because lesbianism is a Western construct and South Asians are never lesbians.

gana wettasinghe

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