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Internet Cat Video Festival


The Internet Cat Video Festival is the first offline celebration of online cat videos. The live event gathers fellow feline fanatics to watch a curated collection of cat clips—from six second Vine videos to short films and everything in between—in a social environment.


The Internet Cat Video Festival traveled to the new CHS Field in Saint Paul for its fourth installment on August 12, 2015. 13,000 fans enjoyed a new compilation of videos curated by Will Braden, the creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos and recipient of the festival’s first Golden Kitty (People’s Choice) Award.

Watch the playlist of videos—including Golden Kitty winner “Cat Behavior Finally Explained”—from the 2015 reel on the Walker’s YouTube channel.

2014 Reel

The Walker brought the Internet Cat Video Festival back to its origins as a free community event at Open Field on August 14, 2014, programmed by cat video producer Will Braden, creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos. Watch the playlist of videos from the 2014 reel on the Walker’s YouTube channel.

Origins & Context

The Internet Cat Video Festival event emerged in 2012 from the Community Programs and Education Department (ECP) and Open Field, a platform of crowdsourced content in the spirit of collaboration and building community.  Catvidfest and its ongoing success have reinforced the Walker’s reputation for risk-taking, programmatic innovation and community partnership. Internet cat videos are doing all of the things compelling art should: raising questions, challenging assumptions, angering people, and—in the case of our festival—creating a real experience. We assumed when we were assembling the clips that people would be eager to see new videos, but in actuality the greater joy was sharing the experience of watching very familiar videos with each other.

Festival Tour

Making its debut at CHS Field in Saint Paul on August 12 to 13,000 fans, the 4th and final Internet Cat Video Festival, curated by Will Braden, hits the road with stops across the United States and the world.

All events help support local cultural and animal welfare non-profits, as well as education and community programming at the Walker.







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“Proof that 13,000 fans of cat videos can’t be wrong.”

“(The Walker’s) Internet Cat Video Festival, a traveling show that features an 80-minute reel of clips culled from 10,000 submissions and edited by museum curators, has been shown around the world, concert-style, to throngs of fans, some dressed in cat costumes, and others with live cats in tow.”
New York Times

“…the Walker has been inundated with requests from around the world to reprise its Internet Cat Video Festival. It has taken its show on the road to 27 venues, from museums to bars to a castle in Ireland.”
Wall Street Journal

“The endless hours we spend watching cat videos isn’t typically thought to be a social act. But the hundreds of New Yorkers gathered Friday night at a Brooklyn concert hall would bristle and hiss at such insinuations.”

“Move over, Cannes, Minneapolis might just be home to the greatest film festival ever.”
Huffington Post

“You love them. You mock them. But one thing you can’t do is stop watching them. Yes, we’re talking about Internet cat videos. Which either represent the pinnacle of human creative achievement, or a sign that the apocalypse is nigh. Or both.”
Los Angeles Times

“We know what you’re thinking: Why am I not in Minneapolis right now at the first Internet Cat Video Film Festival watching the best clips of cats chasing laser pointers, purring and ignoring the camera?”

“…but the cats have been at the forefront of the cultural movement. The internet loves the idea that cats are in the know. They’ve got the answer, and they might just tell us some day.”

“The Internet Cat Video Festival made an act of isolation (sitting alone in front of your computer screen) into a celebration of togetherness. Walking towards the parking ramp, I noticed that people who were previously strangers were now interacting with ease. Cars were letting other cars pull ahead of them. Everyone was happy and being kind. While my bones ached from standing and my head hurt from exhaustion, I was sad to leave the small utopia that the Walker had created.”

“What began as a social experiment curated by the modern art museum last summer is now an internationally touring fest.”
Chicago Sun Times

“The cat extravaganza had all the hallmarks of a real film festival. There were celebrities in the audience, including Lil Bub and the ‘Kittens Inspired by Kittens’ girl. International media from Canada and Japan covered the event. The New York Times even flew out its own reporter.”
Star Tribune

“Game over. Cats have won the Internet. At least that was the conclusion among the many attendees of the Internet Cat Video Festival on Friday. Decked out with cat ears and painted-on whiskers, they lined up around the block to do in a group what they already do in front of their computers: Watch amusing cat flicks.”
Associated Press

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