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Tour the 2015 Edition of Walker on the Green
Artist-Designed Mini Golf in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Walker on the Green: Artist-Designed Mini Golf, 2015

All photos by Gene Pittman

Walker on the Green is back for the summer! This year’s course, open now through September 7, welcomes back 14 favorite designs from the past, including Stargazer, Snake Bite!, and Don’t Blow It, along with four new holes inspired by International Pop, the Walker’s current survey of global Pop art from the 1950s through the early 1970s.

Red Haring

Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

“Good and evil are intertwined and impossible to separate. They are not completely opposites and in fact are often one and the same.” —Keith Haring

Tee off at the same time as your opponent at this topsy-turvy, Keith Haring–inspired design, where opposites intertwine. Red Haring, along with the three other new holes inspired by International Pop, was designed by Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani.

18 Holes in One

David Lefkowitz and Stephen Mohring

Take It to the Grave

Holly Streekstra

Tee off outside the cemetery gates of this grim design by Holly Streekstra and enter a labyrinth of tombstones. Send your ball through this mini graveyard toward the crypt at the back of Take It to the Grave before raising your ball from the dead and heading to the next hole.

Curling Club

Paul Hedlund

Seasons and sports collide on the slippery surface of designer Paul Hedlund’s Curling Club. Modeled after the Winter Olympic sport of curling, this hole challenges players to remain cool, calm, and collected as they putt their way around curling stones and brooms to the bull’s-eye at the end of the rink.


Jess Hirsch

Designed by Jess Hirsch, Stargazer gives players the chance to draw their own constellations as they travel across the Northern Hemisphere to reach Polaris. As you make your way to the North Star, however, be sure to dodge obtrusive constellations, like the Big Dipper, and menacing constellations, like Draco.

Snake Bite!

Kyle Fokken

If you thought you were safe from snakes after evading Draco at Stargazer, think again. Snake Bite!, designed by Kyle Fokken, takes the shape of a large, coiled rattlesnake. Send your ball into the snake’s mouth and listen to it rattle as it spirals down the snake’s tail.


Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

“My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat—or in film’s case ‘run on’—manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.” —Andy Warhol

Be sure to closely observe the fortress of Brillo Boxes that make up this Andy Warhol-themed design before taking a swing.

Move Your Hole!


You have two options at MAKESH!T’s Move Your Hole!: either take a swing, or block your opponent’s next move by covering up their target. A conceptual spin on mini golf, in combination with an inventive topiary plug design, is bound to bring the competitive streak out of even the most easy-going players.

Be a Sculpture!

Nicola Carpenter, Bryan Carpenter, Susanne Carpenter and Sean Donovan

Afraid that one of your friends will block your shot at Move Your Hole!? Well, you’ll have a chance to get them back at Be a Sculpture! Place your feet on the colorful footprints of this elegantly and simply designed hole by Nicola Carpenter, Bryan Carpenter, Susanne Carpenter, and Sean Donovan and become both an obstacle and a work of art for your friends.

Right on Cue

Kevin Weeden

Use the end of your putter as a pool cue at Right on Cue, designed by Kevin Weeden. Angle your strokes around the billiard balls and side pockets, or try to make the perfect bank shot for a hole-in-one.

Let’s Be Frank

Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

This roadside attraction is sure to stir up some appetites, but don’t let Frank distract you! Remember, you can always go to the Dog House (Walker on the Green’s hot dog stand) when your game is done.

Keep on Truckin’

Yousif Del Valle, Tom Loftus, Andrew MacGuffie, Meena Mangalvedhekar, and Amy Toscani

Putt around over-sized pop bottles in the bed of this star-spangled pickup, or just sit back and relax in the cab while your friends take their turn.

Don’t Blow It

Robin Schwartzman

Skee ball meets putt-putt in Robin Schwartzman’s Don’t Blow It. This tricky design features a ramp leading up to an over-sized gumball machine. If your ball makes it into the gumball machine’s coin slot, it spirals down a metal ramp and into a box. But be careful! If you miss the bull’s-eye, your ball simply disappears.


Trevor Anderson and Barry Kudrowitz

Maneuver your golf ball through a plexiglass net and a tangle of colorful ping-pong paddles in this hybrid game of putt-pong. Designed by Trevor Anderson and Barry Kudrowitz, this hole offers players a fast-paced test of aim and strategy.

Guess What? Chicken Putt!

Brian Fewell and Cami Applequist

Brian Fewell and Cami Applequist’s Guess What? Chicken Putt! features an egg-shaped green and a chicken coop maze filled with eggs. Steer clear of the fox lurking in the henhouse and guide your ball safely to Henrietta’s nest to complete this mini golf challenge.

The Uncertainty Principle

Kenneth Steinbach and Dave Denninger

Leave your game up to the forces of gravity at Uncertainty Principle by Kenneth Steinbach and Dave Denninger. With its tilted playing field, this hole serves as a playful representation of physicist Werner Heisenberg’s principle that relates to the unavoidable forces that affect the movement of small particles.

Putt R. Mutt

Sarah Burns

Get up close and personal with a replica of a very iconic urinal from the twentieth-century at Putt R. Mutt. Just as Duchamp urged the world to see art in a new way, Sarah Burns’s witty design encourages us to see Duchamp’s famous “readymade” Fountain in a different light.

Rock! Garden.

Aaron Dysart

Rock! Garden, designed by Aaron Dysart, contains three glittering boulders that stand as more than mere obstacles—these boulders contain analogue instruments (xylophone, tambourine, drum, taunt strings) that sound when you strike your ball against them.