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With a unique mission to investigate the informational and aesthetic possibilities of digital technologies, the Walker’s New Media Initiatives department is committed to the application of media as a means to assist, educate, and inspire visitors. More

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Media Lab

Introducing Media Lab and the New Walker Blogs

It’s been seven years since we launched the Walker Blogs and with the release of our new website back in December we thought it was finally time for a refresh. You’ll notice that the design has changed to align with our new website and we’ve used the redesign process as an opportunity to rebrand… More

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Khoi Vinh, New York

As a child, Khoi Vinh emigrated to the United States from Vietnam. He studied illustration and practiced graphic design for print before moving to New York City in 1998, where he began his career in web and interactive design. From 2006 to 2010, he gained acclaim as design director of nytimes.com, working with colleagues to transform the early web… More

An Xiao Mina

An Activism of Affirmation

From #BlackLivesMatter to Hong Kong’s #UmbrellaMovement, the Internet helps activists inform, inspire, and organize around important issues, writes An Xiao Mina. But art and creative expression can play a special role within… More

Paul Schmelzer

Further Speculation on Digital Arts Media’s Future(s)

Between technology’s continuous advance and an ever-narrowing digital divide, the future of online cultural publishing is hazier than ever. How will we be reading and writing about art 10 years… More

Kimberly Drew

Towards a New Digital Landscape

With dismal representation by women and people of color in tech and art fields, it’s time to imagine a new landscape of digital art, one that’s as diverse and equitable as possible, writes Black Contemporary Art founder Kimberly… More

On the perils and promise of publishing as an institutional act

Richard Rinehart

The Thingness of the Thing

As time passes, the preservation of net.art will seem radically interpretive compared to traditional museum conservation, predicts Samek Art Museum director Richard Rinehart, with successive generations of artworks being… More

Olga Viso

Question Everything

What does it mean to present the art of our time? Why do we need a safe place for unsafe ideas? How can art show us who we are—and aren’t? The Walker’s founding as a public art center in 1940 was sparked by a question, and during the 75 years since it’s been… More