Garden Grill by D’Amico

The Open Field Bar & Grill features classic Americana foods like angus beef/black bean burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, keg beer, and lemonade. Learn more

Meet the Artists in Residence

Machine Project from Los Angeles (July 20-29) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph from Oakland, California (August 15-18).

Come Create!

Drawing Club is about the social experience of art-making, collaboration and play. Come add your creative touch during weekly sessions open to local artists and the public alike.
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Calendar of Events

Internet Cat Video Festival

August 14, 2014 5:00 pm
to 10:00 pm

The Internet Cat Video Festival returns to its origins as a free community event on Open Field. This year’s festival will feature a new selection of cat videos programmed by Will Braden, creator of Henri Le Chat Noir. Braden has hosted several Cat Video Festival tour events and received the first Golden Kitty (people’s choice) Award. More information about nominating a video, festival tours, and other catvidfest details can be found here.

Cat Drawing Club

August 14, 2014 4:00 pm
to 8:00 pm

Join Open Field’s weekly club for a night of cat-themed collaborative and participatory drawing. The sessions are open to artists of all ages, abilities, and aesthetics, and led by the Drawing Club team.

Tableau Vivant: bring a famous photo to life

August 9, 2014 1:30 pm
to 2:30 pm

Asher Edes & Erin Bogle, Tableau Vivant: bring a famous photo to life
Take two! Participate in staging a classic work of art. We’ll make a live recreation of Winslow Homer’s painting “Snap the Whip,” which shows people playing an outdoor game on a lawn that resembles Open Field. Each of us will choose a character and strike a pose – and then photographers will snap a picture.

Pants: brown if you have them; green or blue are good alternatives
Shirts: white, light grey, periwinkle blue, olive green, or deep brown
Optional props: suspenders and/or green hats

Arrive around 1:30 pm to get ready. Plan on staying an hour to take the picture.

Streamers Trail!

August 9, 2014 1:00 pm
to 2:00 pm

Matthew W. Pendleton, Streamers Trail!
Come play field games with party streamers! Join Matthew Pendleton as he illustrates the visual appeal of tossing colorful streamers in the air. Play catch, twirl a streamer wand, or race down the hill.

Wild Things at Open Field

August 9, 2014 12:00 pm
to 3:00 pm

Library as Incubator Project, Wild Things at Open Field
Climb into the beloved children’s book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak in this family-friendly program for kids and their favorite adults to enjoy together. Start in Max’s bedroom, where we’ll read the story, and then join us on an excursion to the forest of the Wild Things. Lots of hands-on art projects, music making, and more to be had in this afternoon of literary exploration. For all ages. Materials provided.

Two sessions: 12-1 PM & 2-3 PM

Feeling the City

August 9, 2014 12:00 pm
to 3:00 pm

Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad, Feeling the City {Location: Peavy Plaza}

How do cities inform our physical being and expression? Engage with the social and physical environments of Minneapolis from the perspective of your sensory and feeling selves. We will experiment with behavioral, reflexive, and personal movement in a variety of public spaces.

Together we will investigate how a city can offer opportunities for more empathetic human behavior.
Together we will build dances with the city.
Collectively we will build a book of scores for alternative urban behavior.

Two two-hour sessions
Part 1, 10 AM- 12 PM: For anyone who is curious, regardless of movement experience.
Part 2, 1-3 PM: For anyone from the morning session who wants to get deeper into dance-making in the city.

Meet at Peavey Plaza; bring shoes and clothes that you can dance in in the city; rain or shine.

Into the Blue: the world of Cyanotype

August 9, 2014 12:00 pm
to 3:00 pm

Nathan Lewis, Into The Blue: the world of Cyanotype
Did you know that you don’t need a camera to make a photograph? The Cyanotype is one of the oldest forms of photography and is easily recognized by its deep Prussian blue tone. Come explore this fun and easy form of image-making using only sunlight and water to create beautiful and unique photograms with found objects from around the field.

Take a Bite, Shape the State

August 9, 2014 12:00 pm
to 3:00 pm

Presley Martin, Take A Bite, Shape The State!
Create your own rendering of the physical shape of Minnesota by taking a bite out of a slice of bread, and adding your shape to a growing collection. Join the conversation on forms, statehood and borders.

Disembodied: Sharing Paranormal Experiences

August 7, 2014 9:00 pm
to 10:00 pm

Nathan Lewis, Disembodied: Sharing Paranormal Experiences

Do ghosts exist? Are there mysterious beings walking among us? Come share your experience with other curious minds! The ever-ethereal Sky Pesher sculpture recessed in the Walker lawn will set the scene for artist, educator, and paranormal investigator Nathan Lewis to guide a conversation about the otherworldly and unexplained. This will be an open forum for consideration and discussion about these enigmatic occurrences. We welcome everyone to recall a memory of the supernatural and conjure it within the group to gain insight, opinion, and guidance.

Acoustic Campfire with Orkestar Bez Ime and Father You See Queen

August 7, 2014 8:00 pm
to 10:00 pm

Orkestar Bez Ime, 8 PM

Orkestar Bez Ime [or-KESS-tar behz EE-meh], meaning “orchestra without a name” in Bulgarian, was formed in 2002 to recreate the sounds of the village with a presentation as festive as the music itself. Focusing on Eastern Europe and music of the Rom (Gypsy) people, OBI’s repertoire reaches from Albania to Ukraine, with plenty of stops in between. Orkestar Bez Ime is a winner of the 2011-2012 McKnight Artist Fellowships for Performing Musicians administered by MacPhail Center for Music and a recipient of a 2012 Minnesota Emerging Composers Award from the American Composers Forum.
Orkestar Bez Ime is: Colleen Bertsch, Scott Keever, Matt Miller, Katrina Mundinger, Natalie Nowytski, and Eric Ray.

Father You See Queen, 9 PM

Father You See Queen performs an improvisational atmospheric surround set with special guest Nicholas Larkins Perez playing live drums.