Garden Grill by D’Amico

The Open Field Bar & Grill features classic Americana foods like angus beef/black bean burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, keg beer, and lemonade. Learn more

Meet the Artists in Residence

Machine Project from Los Angeles (July 20-29) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph from Oakland, California (August 15-18).

Come Create!

Drawing Club is about the social experience of art-making, collaboration and play. Come add your creative touch during weekly sessions open to local artists and the public alike.
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Field Etiquette

What Is Field Etiquette?

Like all spaces designated for public enjoyment, it is important that participants follow a set of collectively-understood conventions that protect the space, the people in it, and the spirit of collaborative ownership.  In this spirit, please follow these guidelines when planning your visit and activities.

Protect the Spirit

All events are free and open to the public. Open Field encourages sharing, bartering, swapping, and creative non-monetary exchange.  Commercial promotion (such as passing out coupons), sales, and direct solicitation are not appropriate on the field.

Open Field is a public domain—what emerges is owned by everyone and no one at the same time. Participation on the field means that you are willing to share your ideas and skills with others for their personal use, inspiration, and adaptation; and you are invited to do the same.

Sharing the field is what it’s all about. In the event of conflicts, activities posted on the Open Field Calendar will have priority, but it’s also great when multiple activities can coexist at once.  To get your event on the calendar, pitch an idea to the Open Field Coordinator by submitting a Proposal Form.

Protect the Space

No fires, staking, digging, or other activity that could damage Open Field’s physical infrastructure.

Containers for trash and other waste are provided. Please keep the field tidy and clean up after yourself and others. Just like in all Minneapolis parks, you’re welcome to bring your own food, but open containers of alcohol are prohibited. Alcohol and other beverages are available from the Garden Grill by D’Amico during its operating hours.

Firearms, weapons, and other hazardous materials are prohibited.

All activities, props, and materials must be temporary. Camping or other overnight activities are prohibited. All activities must end before midnight.

All activities are subject to City of Minneapolis Ordinances.

Protect the People

Open Field is an acoustic environment.  Because of City of Minneapolis regulations, and with respect for our neighbors, amplified or excessive sound is not allowed.

An atmosphere of inclusion is essential—value diversity and celebrate commonalities. Hate speech or other activities infringing on the well being of others are prohibited.

While Open Field is a shared space, it is managed by the staff of the Walker Art Center. For the enjoyment and safety of all who visit, the Walker reserves the right to remove any persons or activity disruptive to others at any time.