Garden Grill by D’Amico

The Open Field Bar & Grill features classic Americana foods like angus beef/black bean burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, keg beer, and lemonade. Learn more

Meet the Artists in Residence

Machine Project from Los Angeles (July 20-29) and Marc Bamuthi Joseph from Oakland, California (August 15-18).

Come Create!

Drawing Club is about the social experience of art-making, collaboration and play. Come add your creative touch during weekly sessions open to local artists and the public alike.
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Did you miss Nightshift?!

Don't worry just enter the code below with your keyboard. Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter Nightshift was part of Northernspark, a one all-night dusk to dawn art festival. Be sure to mark your calendar for next years Northernspark June 9-10.

Saturday–Sunday, June 4–5, 9 pm–6 am

Come work the Nightshift at the Walker Art Center.

Pull an all-nighter at the Walker as you attend live headphone concerts in the outdoor Skyspace chamber, gather around for bedtime stories with local writers, poets, and songwriters, or drift off to never-never land with performance artist Marcus Young’s lullaby experiment. Bring your sleeping bag and take on a role in a Busby Berkeley–style dreamscape on the lawn, or head indoors to learn the secret language of sleep positions.

Late-Late-Night Gallery Hours
9 pm–6 am
Friedman and Burnet Galleries
Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870
Goshka Macuga: It Broke from Within

10 pm–Midnight
Open Field Grove
Join in making collaborative drawings under the twinkling lights of the Open Field Grove. Think glowsticks and blacklights for this nocturnal round of social art making.

Skyspace Headphone Concerts
10 pm–5 am
James Turrell Sky Pesher
Plug into the cozy confines of the James Turrell Sky Pesher for a series of live concerts featuring local musicians performing through a series of headphone jacks and amps.

Performers include:
10 am: Chris Strouth (Paris-1919)
11 pm: Ryan Olcott (FoodTeam)
Midnight: Caly McMorrow
1 am: Grant Cutler
2 am: Vortex Navigation Company
3 am: Scott Puhl

Jim Woodring: Artist Talk and Performance
Woodring will be making large ink drawings with a giant pen, while conversing with the audience, ending with a in-depth tour through his surreal oneiric landscape.

The Shape of Night: The Language of Sleep
10 pm–2 am
Cargill Lounge
Come try and invent your own sleeping positions inspired by Evany Thomas and Amelia Bauer’s McSweeney’s book The Secret Language of Sleep: A Couple’s Guide to Thirty-Nine Positions.

The Shape of Night: Busby Berkeley Nocturne
2 am
Greenspace outside Cargill Lounge
Bring your sleeping bag to participate and be documented in this happening with choreographer Megan Mayer, creating a Busby Berkeley kaleidoscopic composition.

Bedtime Stories
3 am–Dawn
Various sites on the Open Field
Local writers, poets, comedians and songwriters gather in small groups to exchange tales in a story filibuster till dawn.

Marcus Young: The Lullaby Experiment
9 pm–6 am
Skyline Room
The Lullaby Experiment gently breaks the social rules of sleep and public space by inviting participants to sleep in the museum serenaded by lullabies throughout the night.

Nightshift is presented by mnartists.org, Rain Taxi Review of Books, and the Walker Art Center as part of Northern Spark, produced by Northern Lights.mn.